Current Obsession: Summer's Most Intoxicating Scent

Christopher Ehlers READ TIME: 3 MIN.

While the first two editions of Current Obsession have centered on must-have skincare items, I thought it best to shift gears a bit, especially since we have officially entered the end of summer countdown.

I have been in love with Diptyque's fig-scented products for a while, even writing last summer that their Philosykos Parfum was my favorite summertime fragrance of all time. While Philosykos is the name of the perfume, Diptyque's other fig-centric offerings for the home are simply called "Figuier."

Diptyque's Figuier family includes a reed diffuser, room spray, car diffuser, a scented oval (great for closets, bags, and drawers), and an elegant hourglass diffuser. But the must-have Figuier product is the brand's iconic candle, one that I have long called "the world's most coveted candle."

Source: Diptyque

In some respects, I'm surprised that I like a delicate, Fig-centric candle. For starters, I have no idea what figs actually smell like. But I also tend to favor strong scents, ones that immediately reach the nose and give off a robust ambiance. But Figuier is a gentle, altogether sneaky scent, one that first-time burners might feel underwhelmed by at first. Once you let the wax pool and the candle really begins to burn, the air around you will be filled with an unmistakable aroma so intoxicating that you may find yourself dreaming about it. Or, at the very least, grabbing the unlit candle throughout the day and taking deep whiffs. (Don't quote me on the healthfulness of this habit.)

You might be thinking, "Okay, so figs smell great. Why do I need to spend so much money on a candle?" Well, let's just say that my obsession with Figuier has led me to purchase every fig-scented candle I can get my hands on. From Amazon and Target to Saks and Bergdorfs, if it smells like fig, I've tried it. After this exercise proved to be nothing more than a profound waste of money and time, I am certain that Diptyque's Figuier is the greatest fig candle on the market, and – in turn – summer's very best candle. To be clear, Diptyque did not send me this candle or pay me to write this. I'm just that in love with it.

The problem with most fig candles is that they try to encapsulate the entire Mediterranean into a candle, including notes of citrus and aqua, salt and musk in a way that smells like cheap cologne. But Diptyque is concerned only with the fig tree itself, which is what gives this candle unparalleled sophistication. From the warm bark and the fresh leaves to the milky sap of the fruit itself, this candle transforms your home into a sun-drenched paradise, beautifully evoking a Greek seaside fig grove. Fruity but never cloying, mysterious but warm, it's the one home scent that brings me orgasmic joy. $42-$430, available at Diptyque.

by Christopher Ehlers

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