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Get to Know Rising Gay TikTok Stars Art Bezrukavenko, Chris Stanley, and Josh Bigosh

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With social media as popular as ever, sites like Instagram, TikTok and YouTube, are allowing influencers to find more ways to connect with their audience. No longer do they have to become a movie star or a musician to become famous. Good looks, a fun personality, and creative content are the ultimate triple threat combination to garner followers and have a career online. For LGBTQ+ people, finding the right influencers who make them feel good about themselves and who they can relate to is crucial.

Some of our favorite queer TikTok stars we think you should start following are Chris Stanley (StanChris), Art Bezrukavenko (itsartiomboy), and Josh Bigosh (Ottersquater). These three handsome and talented men are in touch with the queer landscape with the perfect mix of humor, skits, modeling, and interview segments.

Stanley started on YouTube with personal stories and musical videos before he took off on TikTok. Art Bezrukavenko immigrated from Europe and became popular telling his courageous stories of his travels to America on YouTube. Josh Bigosh (his real last name has never been disclosed) is most known for his popular OnlyFans account, but he also does skits on TikTok and Instagram. We've grouped them together because they all know each other and have even done videos on social media together. Here are some of their best hits!

@itsartiomboy Art Art Art
♬ Boss Bitch - Doja Cat

One of the cutest types of videos you'll get to watch when you're a fan of Art is his interactions with his boyfriend. Art's beau is a sports fan, something Art doesn't always enjoy himself, but plays along with to be supportive. The social media star likes to joke about this difference in interests in many of his TikToks, just like in the one above!

@itsartiomboy #lgbtq🏳️‍🌈 #gaystreet ♬ original sound - Marco Borghi

Art likes to make social commentary and relatable videos about some of the events and feelings unique to being LGBTQ+. In this TikTok, he imitates the way gay people like to check out the temperature of the room for acceptance before coming out to family members and friends.

@itsartiomboy We are great
♬ Ride It - Regard

LGBTQ+ men like to put themselves in categories like twink, bear, otter, and more. While this can sometimes be toxic and make some feel insecure about where they fit in, Art likes to poke fun at these tropes and stereotypes in his TikToks. Stan Chris and Joshbigosh join in on the fun in the background of the video!

@itsartiomboy Im old
♬ Anti-Hero (Edit) - Taylor Swift

Art continues to make TikToks about the concept of aging quickly in the LGBTQ+ community by talking about how he feels old compared to his 20 year old friend in the above video.

@artbezrukavenko Well tgsts impressive
♬ original sound - Art Bezrukavenko

Art interviews Joshbigosh here about the latter's impressive OnlyFans career in which he's made $60,000 in a single month one time.

@trendelathalis #FelizNavidad #JoshBigosh ❄️ #Navidad2022 #Christmas ♬ Feliz Navidad - Thalia

This video of Josh Bigosh showing off his physique while in a reindeer costume shows off some of the style the model likes to perform with, often doing role play and dressing up as various characters, animals, people, etc. This is a lot of what makes his OnlyFans such a fun follow!

@shmeefyshmotter I got a barb in me 🤧
♬ original sound - Beefyotter

Joshbigosh shows he's a Nicki Minaj stan, calling himself but the fandom name Barb and wearing a wig similar to one the rap icon would wear in a music video.

@b33fyb0y #fypシ ♬ Mambo No 5 - Lou Bega

Joshbigosh discusses the reasons why he works out, albeit in jest, ending with a sexually suggestive last activity that is sure to get his fans riled up!

♬ DK Rap (From "Donkey Kong 64") - Player2

"The Super Mario Bros. Movie'' was one of the biggest box office successes of the year, and Joshbigosh decided to celebrate the movie by dancing in his best Donkey Kong outfit. This is certainly one interesting way to pretend to be gaming's most famous ape!

@stanchrissss Replying to @Walter Sixsmith ♬ original sound - stanchris

We move on to Stan Chris by showing one of his typical sidewalk interviews. Here he asks his guest whether they are straight and then proceeds to play Grindr sound effects to see whether he could recognize them. Many in the comments section didn't believe the guest's response was authentic, but we'll just have to believe him!

@stanchrissss Replying to @spidey6081 that's my bf 😍 #boyfriend #gay ♬ original sound - stanchris

Stan Chris has caused buzz recently due to his relationship with Boston cop and "Survivor" contestant Bret LaBelle, who is over 20 years older than him. This has led to many thinking they are father and son, and Chris jokes along with the fans in this TikTok about the age gap between the two men.

@stanchrissss strategy is key #relationship #gay #lgbt #memes ♬ kiss it better sped up - xxtristanxo

It can be hard to find love in the gay community outside of bars and dating apps, so Chris decides to hit up a Home Depot in jest here to cruise in this skit. You never know when love will appear for you!

@stanchrissss who's your guess? 👀🌈
♬ Hi - Eleanor

Stan Chris shows various videos of his family members, asking fans to identify the two gay people in the montage. We already know Chris is gay, so the process of elimination really narrows things down here.

@stanchrissss would you come out to your dad for $100? 👀
♬ original sound - stanchris

It's nice to see young straight people comfortable in their sexuality like these two guests on Chris's TikTok. The guest on the far right calls his dad to ask him what he would feel like if his son was gay, to which the dad gives a very supportive response. If older generations can become more accepting of all types of people, they will pass this down to their children.

by Shawn Laib

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