Watch: Glam Rocker Ricky Rebel Redefines Masculinity in Video for 'Time'

Monday October 30, 2017

Glam rocker Ricky Rebel redefines what it means to be a man while exploring the themes of power, sex, vanity, and love in "The New Alpha," his third studio album. Self produced, the album is a sharp departure from his last LP, "The Blue Album," that he admits writing during a low period in his life. Where "Blue" was a dark moon, "The New Alpha" is a bright sun, with a more powerful tribalistic sound that is meant to reflect both Rebel's optimistic state of mind as well as the emboldened state of the USA.

"The era of Political correctness is over," proclaims Ricky Rebel. "Some people today need to toughen up and stop playing the victim." He urges fans to balance their feminine and masculine sides and remain sensitive to the views of others while also remaining firm in their own. Ricky Rebel's "The New Alpha" will be available on iTunes and all major online retailers October 31, along with its second single release, "Time."

"My views are not defined by party lines," continues Rebel from his Los Angeles home. "I am a centrist who goes left and right depending on the issues. I am in the middle. A difficult place to be. It's the same with my identity. I am proud to be a man who happens to love makeup and women's clothing. What is women's clothing anyway? What is gender? I am both masculine and feminine."

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