Adele Needed a Pride Flag for Her Concert — Fans Lent Her Theirs

by Kilian Melloy

EDGE Staff Reporter

Tuesday July 5, 2022

Adele Needed a Pride Flag for Her Concert — Fans Lent Her Theirs
  (Source:Screencap/[email protected]/Twitter)

Adele found herself in need of a Pride flag for her concert in Hyde Park over the weekend. Luckily, fans were willing to lend the singer their own flag — for which they were comped amazing seats and "a LOT of drinks tokens," ET Canada said.

"Soon after arriving at British Summer Time festival from a bottomless brunch, Jack Burns-Langton, 28, was approached by a member of staff who asked if his friend Dean, 32, would be willing to part with a pride flag in exchange for drink tokens and VIP access to Adele's headline performance," inews detailed.

"The pair agreed without hesitation and soon found themselves backstage. Their other friend, Lisa, was allowed to join, as they rubbed shoulders with celebrities, including Geordie Shore's Charlotte Crosby."

Dean took to Twitter to share what happened in his own words.

Dean posted that he and Jack were enjoying the concert when they bumped into a friend, Gabrielle, who joined them.

"The three friends enjoyed front-row seats for the rest of the gig, as the Tottenham-born star reeled off classics such as 'Someone Like You' and 'Rolling in the Deep' to a packed crowd of adoring fans passionately singing along," inews said.

A fellow fan helped Dean fill in the gaps by providing a clip of the moment the pop diva called for him and Jack. Dean also got a clip showing "the most awkward drunk conversation of my life" when Adele thanked him from the stage for the loan.

"You could have been a multi-millionaire and I'm pretty sure there wouldn't have been an option to pay for the experience we had," inews quoted Jack as saying.

The site went on to note that Adele's "performance came after the capital had spent a day celebrating the 50th anniversary of the UK's first Pride parade."

Happy Pride, London!

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