'Pretty Sad, Right?' Angus Cloud on the 'Euphoria' Finale

Monday February 28, 2022

Collider recently wrote that Twitter reports "Euphoria" is the most-tweeted show of the decade so far. The HBO Max show ended its second season on Sunday night.

"Twitter also revealed," Variety writes, "the most-tweeted about 'Euphoria' characters this season are Fezco (Angus Cloud); Rue Bennett (Zendaya); and Nate Jacobs (Jacob Elordi). According to Twitter, there have been about 270,000 tweets about #FexiHive, the fan-fave slow-burn endgame couple, Lexi and Fezco."

It was announced last week that Cloud is going to be a face for Polo in a new campaign in which he loses his ginger beard for a more clean-cut, Ivy League look. But it really isn't a big jump from Polo to Fezco — on the show, over the season, the drug dealer could be seen wearing shirts with the familiar logo.

Showrunner Sam Levinson pivoted Cloud to be a key player this season. On the opener, Levinson introduced Fezco with a backstory of growing up with his drug-dealing grandmother and adopting a young stray (named Ashtray), to whom he's an older brother. In the present, Fezco attended the wild New Year's Eve party where he connected with Lexi Howard (Maude Apatow) and savagely beat Nate.

That relationship with Lexi slowly developed over the season, and fans responded warmly on social media to such scenes as them getting emotional over watching "Stand by Me." (Spoiler alert.) Just as he's heading out to watch Lexi's play with roses in hand, Fezco is delayed by his drug-dealing associate Custer, who is secretly recording their conversation for the Feds. But before anything is spoken, the volatile Ashtray kills Custer just as the Feds are set to close in. Fezco pleads with Ashtray to leave, saying he will take the hit for the murder, but the heavily-armed Ashtray barricades himself in the bathroom. In the ensuing battle, Ashtray is killed after shooting a cop, while Fezco is hit in the chest by one of Ashtray's stray bullets. He is last seen being moved from the bullet-ridden apartment.

What has made Cloud such an arresting presence on the show is his no-nonsense embodiment of Fezco, whose monosyllabic delivery and cool demeanor have helped turn him into a social media sensation. It also may not be too far from whom he is: He came upon the role while walking down the street in Brooklyn, where he was living, in 2019, working in a chicken and waffles joint. I would say it."


Making it the way Fezco appears to be synonymous with how Cloud will say it. For example, take his comments on the "Euphoria" finale, which he watched for the first time last night and spoke with Variety about.

"Pretty sad, right?" Cloud told Variety while discussing the action-packed episode on Monday morning.

Asked how he reacted when he first read the script, he said: "It would just be like, damn."

He explained the scene took three day to shoot, 12 hours a day, with much time and attention given the gunplay between Ashtray and the SWAT team. It was, Cloud adds, intense. "I couldn't have even expected how full-throttle it was gonna be. Some of those guys were, like, ex-cops and stuff, so they know what they're doing."

Of all the relationships explored in the second season, the one between Fezco and Ashtray is the most poignant, largely because of Fezco's paternal feelings towards the boy. In the final scene, Fezco attempts to take the hit for Ashtray for murder of Custer as he pleas for Ashtray to escape. "He just felt like Ash was so young that he wanted him to still have a chance at living a whole life. They definitely brothers. They raised each other. So it's like, as close as you can get."

Cloud also revealed what was in the note he wrote to Lexi that went with the roses. "It was just, like, a congratulations. I think they both know there's a vibe going on. Definitely taking it to the next level with them flowers and whatnot. So I think the letter was just being like, 'Yo, good job for fucking doing you.' "

Fezco would also have liked the play, Cloud said. "I think he would have thought it was awesome. He would have been pretty excited."

And he would have cheered Cassie breaking down the fourth wall and taking it over. "I would have stood up out of my chair like, 'Oh shit! Fight! Fight! Fight!' "

Cloud is also surprised by all the social media love. "I don't expect too much from anything or anybody. So, yeah, it was a surprise to me."

While acknowledging that changes were made to the final episode, he chose not share what they were. Nor does he know if Fezco will be making a return next year after the announcement that the Sam Levinson-helmed show will return for Season 3. "I don't know. The world is Sam's oyster."

But if he does return, as Vanity Fair points out, things will be much harder. "Considering he doesn't die in the finale, it seems likely that we'll have to see him recover from his grievous injury, grapple with the death of his brother, and deal with getting caught up in the legal system. All while still, somehow, taking care of his comatose grandmother — who will, hopefully, come around and play a bigger part in season three. Just another easy, lighthearted day in the life of a 'Euphoria' character."

The announcement of "Euphoria's" renewal "coincided with Cloud wrapping photography for a coming-of-age thriller movie called 'The Line,' for which he spent the past month 'holed up in a hotel in Oklahoma' alongside castmates Alex Wolff and Halle Bailey. He also recently shot 'Your Lucky Day,' a film in which he plays a 'street oriented drug dealer type guy' in the same vein as Fezco," reported the website HighSnobiety.