See Why Katy Perry Calls Orlando Bloom 'Best Daddy Ever'

Saturday November 6, 2021
Originally published on October 28, 2021

Is Orlando Bloom the "best daddy ever?" Katy Perry thinks so, but she's his fiancee, so her opinion isn't objective. Still, in an Instagram post, the 44-year-old Bloom shows off his hot Daddy vibes with a short video of him working in his daughter "Daisy Dove's bedroom or playroom, where he was in the process of building something for his baby girl," E Online said. But it's not his home improvement skills that have led to the IG post trending; it's that the buff Bloom is shirtless.

"Stars, they're just like us," he says in the video, pointing out that he is performing tasks that parents do all the time for their kids.

"Can you paint my walls" asked IG user platinumtwink.

"i swear this man doesnt age," wrote mellanie_hummel.

And sanqstr put it simply: "okay but yes, i love a good dilf"

"best daddy ever," commented none other than Katy Perry herself.