Colton Underwood's Thirst-Trapping has Begun

Friday April 30, 2021
Originally published on April 29, 2021

He out and thirst-trapping. After being seen out at lunch with a mystery man earlier this week (which he said was not a date), Colton Underwood posted his first thirst-trap on his renovated Instagram. In two slides, the buff "Bachelor" star put up a pair of pics that you might see on his Grindr account (that is if he had one).

He captioned the post: "this year i prioritized my health. physically and mentally."

In the first snap, he is seen shirtless wearing only a baseball cap, gold chain and a pair of gym shorts that are strategically placed right above his pubic region. The second has a close-up of his torso with half his face cropped and right arm crossing is stomach to show of his taut bicep.

Underwood is currently filming a Netflix series that will follow his coming out experience. TMZ reported hours after he came out on "Good Morning America" on April 14 that "the former 'Bachelor' star has had a film crew following him for the past few weeks, and the show -- focusing on his life as a gay man -- will air on Netflix."

TMZ was "told several other prominent members of the LBGTQ+ community have been in Colton's corner throughout this process -- such as his friend, Olympian Gus Kenworthy -- and will make appearances alongside him in the series."

As his gay guru, could Kenworthy be giving him some thirst-trapping hints?