Singer Hasley Talks Bisexuality, Demi Lovato Sends Shady Tweet

Tuesday June 27, 2017

Feud alert?

Pop singer Halsey recently gave an interview with Paper Magazine where she discussed being bisexual and how the music industry exploits sexuality. And it looks like Demi Lovato isn't too happy with her remarks.

"It's just a shame that it's so hard for marginalized or minority people to get the same pop music experience as people who are heterosexual or generally part of the majority," she said. "They deserve the same pop music experience."

Writer Kristen Stegemoeller suggested female pop stars' music sometimes features lyrics about "experimentation" and Halsey agreed.

"Oh, yeah. Bisexuality as a taboo," she said. "'Don't tell your mom' or 'We shouldn't do this' or 'This feels so wrong but it's so right.'"

Teen Vogue notes some fans pointed out on Twitter that those are similar to lyrics found in Demi Lovato's "Cool for the Summer" and Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl" - both songs allude to same-sex relationships.

Shortly after Hasley's interview was shared online, Lovato fired off a tweet that seems to shade the "Closer" singer.

Lovato has discussed her sexuality in the past, telling People magazine last year she doesn't want to label herself.

"It's something I don't think needs to have a label. As humans, it's just about a connection with someone," she said.

Halsey has yet to respond to Lovato's possible subtweet. Her new single "Strangers," off her new album "Hopeless Fountain Kingdom," features Fifth Harmony member Lauren Jauregui, who is also openly bisexual. The song is about a same-sex relationship.

Halsey came under fire last week after she defended rapper Quavo's anti-gay remarks from a Rolling Stone interview earlier this year. After a backlash, Halsey apologized.

Listen to "Strangers" and "Cool for the Summer" below.