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11th B.A.R. Talk Focuses on Arts

by Jim Provenzano

Bay Area Reporter

Wednesday March 2, 2022

In our nearly final yearlong celebrations of the Bay Area Reporter's 50th anniversary, our eleventh monthly online panel will focus on fifty years of arts coverage with former and current editors and writers.

On Thursday, March 10 at 6pm PT, our Facebook page and YouTube channel will stream a live (then archived) panel with John F. Karr, the paper's first arts editor, former arts editor Chris Culwell, freelance writer Philip Mayard, and current arts and nightlife editor Jim Provenzano as moderator.

Since 1971, the B.A.R.'s reputation as an essential forum for reviews and features in theater, film, music, dance, and visual arts has expanded from a small community focus to national interest. Our reviews have been quoted by book publishers, film promoters and theater companies for decades.

The chat will include a slideshow of articles and ads through the B.A.R.'s five decades.

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