Will Sherlock Be Bisexual In Netflix's 'Enola Holmes' Sequel?

by Kilian Melloy

EDGE Staff Reporter

Monday May 17, 2021

Sherlock Holmes may or may not have had a smarter brother, but according to Netflix — and young adult author Nancy Springer — he has a younger sister. Enola Holmes is headed back to Netflix for a sequel to the 2020 film of the same name — and reports say that this time, her famed big brother might be depicted as bisexual.

"According to insider Daniel Richtman, Netflix wants to make Sherlock bisexual in the sequel," We Got This Covered reported.

Super hunk Henry Cavill played Sherlock in "Enola Holmes." We Got This Covered reported last month that Cavill would return for "Enola Holmes 2," and with a larger role.

The outlet also noted that a bi Sherlock would dovetail nicely with another Netflix production, "The Irregulars," a short-lived series featuring Holmes' sidekick, John Watson (Royce Pierreson), that revealed Watson to be a member of the LGBTQ community.

"Enola Holmes" focused mainly on the teenaged Enola (Millie Bobby Brown), and did not include the character of Watson, though speculation has it that he may play a part in the upcoming second installment.

The iconic sleuth did not have a younger sister in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's original novels and short stories, as Enola Holmes is the creation of Springer, who wrote the young adult fiction series "The Enola Holmes Mysteries". Because Sherlock Holmes is now part of the public domain, modern writers can now freely revisit the source material.

Sherlock Holmes has been rebooted for TV as a contemporary character by both the BBC (in a series starring Benedict Cumberbatch) and the American network television series "Elementary," starring Jonny Lee Miller, which ran for seven seasons on CBS. Though rumors had it that Cumberbatch's version of Holmes might be gay, series creator Steven Moffat suggested in comments to Entertainment Weekly that Sherlock Holmes might belong to a different part of the LGBTQIA community — specifically, "A," for asexual.

"He's not interested in" sexual relationships, Moffat explained, saying his take on Sherlock Holmes is "willfully staying away from that to keep his brain pure—a Victorian belief, that. But everyone wants to believe he's gay. He's not gay. He's not straight."

Miller's depiction, on the other hand, was that of a heterosexual Sherlock Holmes who, at one point, even had a relationship with the woman who would later become his nemesis: Jamie Moriarty (Natalie Dormer), a character whose gender was switched from the Professor James Moriarty of the original stories.

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