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What Does 'Buttigieg' Mean? Religious Right Web Offers Hateful Definition

Sunday Apr 14, 2019

Poor Andrew Bieszad, an opinion writer for the conservative website Take his most recent missive — a weird attempt to link the campaign of 2020 presidential hopeful Pete Buttegieg with Arizona freshman senator Senator Kyrsten Sinema. Filled with nasty invectives and a truly wacky scenario that will give us "sodomites" in the White House, he also opens with a sentence that leads you to wonder if is in serious need of a copy editor:

"Truth is stranger than fiction, and this is no truer than with the current presidential elections, where the Democrats are putting forth candidates that clearly cannot with [sic]."

Well, you don't "with" with anything. But it's probably not fair to point out these kind of errors because they routinely happen on websites (such as this one).

What follows, though, is some truly nasty stuff that points to what Buttegieg faces from conservative forces in the upcoming campaign.

To his credit, Buttegieg has wisely set the agenda, defining being gay in terms of a humanistic Christian tradition and putting it in sharp contrast to homophobic Vice President Mike Pence, who hasn't quite responded to being questioned on his LGBTQ issues.

But this kind of vitriolic push-back by writers like Bieszad is inevitable.

He begins by offering a definition of Buttegieg's last name: "Pete Buttigieg, an open sodomite whose last name, Maltese in origin, comes from the Arabic "Abu Ad-Dajjaj," meaning 'father of chickens', which given the phraseology would be better translated as 'king of chickens' or perhaps, 'king of cocks.'"

He concludes that the "king of cocks" (or "father of cocks" as he refers to him throughout his column) has no chance of winning, but sets the stage for controlling the Democratic Party by the year of 2024. By then, apparently, the "gay agenda" will have succeeded and a good many Americans will have succumbed to it.

"The rise of sodomy in the US as an accepted lifestyle practice directly correlates with the support that Buttigieg is receiving. However, most of his support will be among dedicated Democrats. Men of all party alignments, while a majority of which support the LGBT, are not per se ready to 'elect' a sodomite like Buttigieg, who is 'married' and is rather effeminate based on his looks."

For Bieszad, though, Buttigieg is just a stealth candidate for Senator Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, whom he defines as "an objectively attractive sodomite, having been married to a man but has since chosen to leave her husband and assume a new residence at the gardens of Gomorrah."

And that her being gay may be the secret ingredient towards her taking the White House at some future date. The reason? "Since lesbianism- a form of sodomy condemned by Sacred Scripture -is the top sexual fantasy of American men and has been for decades, her very lifestyle would seduce many a voter regardless of political affiliation to stand with her, especially if done in collaboration with her already held public persona. There would be more than a few Republicans who would experiment with voting Democrat if she was on the ballots."

He concludes that while the 2020 election is not a relevant one, 2024 will be.

"The 'father of cocks' has a unknown chance at getting the nomination for the Democrat party, and there is a high likelihood he will not win if he is chosen to represent the Democrat party. However, his presence is setting up a precedent that may allow for the nomination of a candidate in the future, be it a woman, sodomite, or both, or more, who will bring the nation further down the road to hell that she has already chosen to travel, for the driver of the cab goes only where the passenger tells him."

Are opinions like this what's to expect as the Religious Right comes to terms with Buttigieg? Stay tuned.


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