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Review: Kevin Hart Shows Range in Tearjerker 'Fatherhood'

By Lindsey Bahr | Friday Jun 18, 2021
Kevin Hart can make us laugh and cry, it seems, even if the vehicle was practically engineered to bring on the waterworks.

CDC: Delta Variant Expected to be Dominant in US

Friday Jun 18, 2021
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director Rochelle Walensky says she expects the delta variant will become the dominant coronavirus strain in the United States. The delta variant, first detected in India, has become dominant in Britain.

GOP Needs New Health Care Target: 'Obamacare' Survives Again

By Alan Fram | Friday Jun 18, 2021
The Supreme Court's latest rejection of a Republican effort to dismantle "Obamacare" signals anew that the GOP must look beyond repealing the law if it wants to hone the nation's health care problems into a winning political issue.

French Tourism Seeks New Boost with Disneyland Reopening

By Sylvie Corbet, Catherine Gaschka | Friday Jun 18, 2021
France's tourism sector is taking a further step toward normality with the reopening of Disneyland Paris, two weeks after the country reopened its borders to vaccinated visitors from across the world.

Cruise Giant Carnival Says Customers Affected by Breach

Friday Jun 18, 2021
Carnival Corp. said Thursday that a data breach in March might have exposed personal information about customers and employees on Carnival Cruise Line, Holland America Line and Princess Cruises.

DOJ: 2 States' Transgender Restrictions Unconstitutional

Friday Jun 18, 2021
The U.S. Department of Justice on Thursday challenged bans involving transgender people that target athletes in West Virginia and children in Arkansas, slamming them as violations of federal law.

Court: If Bias Rules have Exceptions, Faith Groups Qualify

By Peter Smith | Friday Jun 18, 2021
Governmental entities are on notice that if they want to ban discrimination against LGBTQ persons or anyone else, they must not allow for any exceptions, or else religious groups will have the right to ask for them and have a strong case for getting them.

Convention Circuit of Delusion Gives Forum for Election Lies

Friday Jun 18, 2021
For a few hours last weekend, thousands of Donald Trump's supporters came together in a field under the blazing Wisconsin sun to live in an alternate reality where the former president was still in office — or would soon return.

Man Charged with Doing 'Burnout' on LGBTQ Pride Crosswalk

Friday Jun 18, 2021
A man was arrested Thursday for purposefully damaging a new LGBTQ pride crosswalk at a South Florida intersection, police said.

France Eases Masks Rules; Will End Nightly Virus Curfew

By Sylvie Corbet | Thursday Jun 17, 2021
France on Wednesday eased several COVID-19 restrictions, with authorities saying it's no longer always mandatory to wear masks outdoors and halting an 8-month nightly coronavirus curfew this weekend.

High Court Sides with Catholic Agency that Refused to Work with LGBTQ Families

By Jessica Gresko | Thursday Jun 17, 2021
The Supreme Court on Thursday unanimously sided with a Catholic foster care agency that says its religious views prevent it from working with same-sex couples as foster parents.

European Union Agrees to Lift Travel Restrictions on US Tourists

Thursday Jun 17, 2021
EU members agreed Wednesday to add the U.S. to the list of countries for which they should gradually remove restrictions on non-essential travel.

Vaccine Effort Turns Into Slog as Infectious Variant Spreads

By Michelle R. Smith | Thursday Jun 17, 2021
As cases tumble and states reopen, the potential final stage in the U.S. campaign to vanquish COVID-19 is turning into a slog, with a worrisome variant gaining a bigger foothold and lotteries and other prizes failing to persuade some Americans to get vacc

Can You Mix and Match COVID-19 Vaccines?

By Maria Cheng | Thursday Jun 17, 2021
"Based on the basic principles of how vaccines work, we do think that the mix-and-match regimens are going to work," says Dr. Kate O'Brien, director of the World Health Organization's vaccine unit.

Thailand Sets Mid-October to Reopen to Vaccinated Visitors

By Chalida Ekvittayavechnukul | Thursday Jun 17, 2021
Thailand plans to fully reopen to vaccinated foreign visitors by mid-October as the government seeks to restart the crucial coronavirus-devastated tourism industry, the prime minister announced Wednesday.

Utah State Attorney Sorry for Email Rant to LGBTQ Councilman

Thursday Jun 17, 2021
A Utah state attorney angry about being awakened from a nap has apologized for sending an expletive-laden email to an LGBT politician campaigning to be the first Asian American person elected to the Salt Lake City council.

Utah 'Real Housewives' Star Seeks Fraud Case Dismissal

Thursday Jun 17, 2021
"Real Housewives of Salt Lake City" star Jen Shah and her defense attorneys asked a federal judge in New York to dismiss charges against her in a fraud case because officers allegedly coerced her into waiving her Miranda rights when she was arrested.

Biden to Sign Bill Making Juneteenth a Federal Holiday

By Kevin Freking | Thursday Jun 17, 2021
The United States will soon have a new federal holiday commemorating the end of slavery.

COVID-19 Cases Delay Long-Awaited Royal Caribbean Cruise

By Adriana Gomez | Thursday Jun 17, 2021
Royal Caribbean International is postponing for nearly a month one of the highly anticipated first sailings from the U.S. since the pandemic began because eight crew members tested positive for COVID-19.

Baker Fined for Refusing to Make Transgender Transition Cake

By Colleen Slevin | Thursday Jun 17, 2021
A Colorado baker who won a partial victory at the U.S. Supreme Court in 2018 for refusing to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple violated the state's anti-discrimination law by refusing to make a birthday cake for a transgender woman.

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