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A Dog's Way Home

by JC Alvarez
Monday Apr 15, 2019
A Dog's Way Home

Learn the true meaning of a dog's purpose.

Based on the best-selling novel, "A Dog's Way Home" available now on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD chronicles the story of rescue dog, Bella (played by Shelby is a rescue dog) that finds her "human" and forever home and the lengths she will go to get back home. Lucas (played by Jonah Hauer-King) is completely devoted to the underdog. He works as a social worker at the local VA, where his mother Terri, played by Ashley Judd, is a patient. Lucas brings home the abandoned stray, and their lives are forever changed.

Bryce Dallas Howard provides the voice of our heroine, Bella, who becomes the heroine of this tale. The bond between Bella and her human, Lucas, is indomitable and Bella proves an invaluable member of the VA staff helping veterans who are suffering from PTSD, especially Terri. But when Lucas is unable to keep Bella as a pet because of a Denver law that prohibits ownership of "pit bulls" (basically any mix breed dog), Bella must be sent away — at least until Lucas can find a new home. Unfortunately, Bella doesn't adjust very well to being away from Lucas.

Bella's journey back to her family brings her across country and she learns to survive on her own, while running with a new pack in order to make a meal out of scraps, until she befriends an abandoned baby cougar whose mother is killed by reckless hunters. Bella finds an unlikely ally with whom she is able to build a bond, and helps to nurture the cougar into adulthood. Bella's journey home takes her from the wilds of the wilderness to Colorado suburbs, and the hot food aisle of the local market.

Her journey back to Lucas brings her into the comfort of several friends that keep her safe, and others that take advantage of her kindness, but Bella holds out hope... and in the end is rewarded. "A Dog's Way Home" is a wonderfully emotional story about the unconditional love of a pet, and a dog's uncompromising loyalty. The movie is beautifully photographed in nature, and even though at times the film's heroine is replaced by a CGI stunt double, it still is miraculously entertaining. This is a treat the entire family can cuddle on up to.

Starring Ashley Judd, Jonah Hauer-King and Alexandra Shipp and directed by Charles Martin Smith, "A Dog's Way Home" is a beautifully touching story, told from the perspective of man's best friend, the littlest souls on the planet — who, when given a family, are forever in one's hearts. The film also demonstrates the healing effect animal companions have on our brave veterans, who, with the help of Operation Hero-Animal Bond are fostering invaluable relationships and forever homes for animals in need.

The Blu-ray includes a special look at the making of the movie, including the story behind on its star, Shelby was rescued and trained to win the hearts of her new fans as a certified movie star turned into a service dog with a purpose to spread love and comfort.

"A Dog's Way Home"
Blu-ray and DVD

Includes Deleted Scenes, a production diary that chronicles the film's star, Shelby's incredible journey from the shelter system to becoming a certified rescue dog in the service of protecting our veterans.

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