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Caitlyn Jenner Says She Wants to Play a Marvel Villainess

Friday Aug 10, 2018

Could we be seeing Caitlyn Jenner on the big screen?

The reality TV star told Variety this week that she's open to acting and may have a very specific role in mind. She explained her dream is to play a comic book villainess in a big blockbuster movie.

"In a Marvel movie, I want to play the baddest-ass lady you've ever seen in your life," Jenner said. "They got the wicked queen or the wicked lady. Just do the makeup and the outfit. And I got the deep voice."

The trans activist also opened up about auditioning for "Superman" after she won the gold medal at the 1976 Olympics and identifies as Bruce Jenner. Though the role eventually went to the late Christopher Reeve, Jenner told Variety she was relieved at the time when she didn't get the part.

"It was just too much for me," she said. "I would have gone down as the most macho guy in the world, and that's not me. It's not even close to being me. That's why I want to play that bad-ass bitch. I can play that girl."


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