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PopUps: Kim Kardashian West Says Tyson Beckford Diss Wasn't Homophobic

Friday Aug 10, 2018
Kim Kardashian West
Kim Kardashian West  (Source:Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)

Both Kim Kardashian West and male supermodel Tyson Beckford got called out by social media users after the pair got into a bit of an online feud. While some accused Tyson of body-shaming Kim, others deemed the reality TV queen's clapback as homophobic.

A quick refresher: It started when Tyson commented on an Instagram photo a user posted of Kim. In his comment, he wrote "Sorry I don't care for it personally" and "She is not real, doctor f***ed up on her right hip," adding a green, vomiting emoji.

Kim responded, writing, "Sis, we all know why you don't care for it," adding the tea, frog and fingernails emojis. Twitter called out both celebs, saying Tyson body shamed Kim but that Kim's remark was homophobic.

Tyson then took to Instagram, to share some shirtless selfies (which have since been deleted) and comment on the tiff. Though he did not specifically call out Kim again, he stressed that he's not gay but does support the LGBTQ community.

"Train 5-6 days a wk, weights Martial Arts and Firearms and I defend those who can't defend themselves! I support LGBTQ, even though I'm not Gay," he wrote, adding a rainbow Pride flag emoji. "It's just the Human thing to do. #blackexcellence #tysonbeckford #lgbt #superhero #realsuperhero."

Now, Kim was asked about the feud during a radio interview with Big Boy on Real 92.3. Thursday morning, where she insisted her comment wasn't homophobic and stood by her decision to call out Tyson, People magazine reports.

"Really, dude? Like, you're going to body-shame me? Like, okay. Okay. Okay, sis. You're going to body-shame me?" she explained. "People were sending me stuff on his page, he keeps on going and going and going, and I'm just like, dude, that's so female lame to me. That's just lame to me.

"And for anyone to say that I am homophobic with the comment of saying sis? All my best friends are gay, I support the community, I love the community, they love me, that has nothing to do with this," Kim said.

Watch Kim make her comments below.


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